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BAM BAM'S BRASS BAND- Horns, drums, guitars, bass, keyboard, cowbell, more cowbell.

        Slammin' jammin' rockin' sockin' bunch of hoopin' hollerin' marchin' musicians dancin' along to their blend of hot lively New Orleans street beat, Jazz, Funk, Rock, and Popular music. Bam Bam's Brass Band is the only choice for that blow-the-roof-off energy and performance you are looking for for your outdoor or stage event. (Warning: this is not dinner music; users with severe dance-a-phobia should consult a physician prior to listening)



THE STOMPING GROUNDS- "Found Percussion" Stomp Drumming Group dancing and singing in styles from around the globe.

        The Stomping Grounds is an innovative musical expression performed on the two oldest instruments in the world, the drum and the voice. The old saying "One man's trash is another man's treasure" comes to life as these young beat advocates dance around the stage smashing, bashing, beating, and stomping what you too will call treasure by the end of the night.


NIC AND NATE- Nicole and Nate Anderson

        She sings, he plays. Using a range of instruments and a blend of their Jazz education and their love for all kinds of music they present a beautiful atmosphere and sound for any occasion.




LITTLE DRUMMERS- Drums, trash cans, buckets, bowls, plates, everything including the kitchen sink.

        Barely seeing over their trash cans, these little rhythm masters bash along to popular songs while doing skits and dance moves that will have you in stitches. These guys may be little, but they are a whole ton of fun!



N.A.P. CHILDREN'S CHOIR- Little singers with more than a little energy and stage presence!

        Learn to sing through fun music and great teaching in the N.A.P. Children's Choir. Performing with live musicians, collaborating, performing in the community are just some of the exciting things these little guys are up to.



N.A.P. SISTERS- All female singing group.

        Featuring fresh A capella arrangements of everything from Andrew Sisters, folk, rock, pop, jazz, to top 20s, these girls will wow you with their beautiful vocal blend and sparkling performance.



I.Q.- Four iPadists.

        Playing strictly iPads, this group reinvents music from all ages with their cutting edge electric sound and sharp looking bow-ties.




Email nateadrummer@gmail.com for inquires.